Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a herb and a spice?

The leaf of a plant used in cooking is known as a herb. Any other part of the plant, often dried, including buds (cloves), bark (cinnamon), roots (ginger), berries (peppercorns), aromatic seeds (cumin) or even the stigma of a flower (saffron) are all spices.

Where are your herbs and spices sourced from?

We source herbs and spices from Jamaica

How do I store herbs and spices?

The pantry is a great place to store your packs of Delcie’s Spices. Just make sure they are not too close to any heat sources (fridge, oven or dishwasher).

After cutting the top of one of our high-barrier container and using some spice, pour out as per required and then the close appropriately.

Dried spices should be kept as far as possible from the range or any other source of intense heat, yet convenient to your food preparation area. Heat will speed flavor loss in dried spices, while the steam from cooking can cause ground spices, blends, and dehydrated vegetable powders to cake.

 You should also keep your herb and spice shelf away from strong, direct light, especially if your cooking spices are stored in clear glass.

What can I do to preserve the flavour of my herbs and spices longer?

In addition to storing your herbs and spices properly (see above), you should also:

Keep your cooking spices closed: Close the container tightly as soon as you finish using it.

Use dry measuring spoons: Avoid dipping even a slightly wet spoon into the container.

How long do unopened dried spices last?

Unopened dried spices have a shelf life of up to two or three years, depending on the specific spice and whether it is a whole spice or a ground spice. A rule of thumb is that whole spices (such as cinnamon sticks and pimento) have the longest life. Ground herbs and spices are generally more fragile.

Can herbs and spices improve my health?

We do not make any health claims with respect to the use of any herbs and spices – we are not qualified to give medical advice. However, if you wish to consume herbs and spices for their beneficial properties, only ever consume them in normal culinary quantities, never use more than you’d normally add to flavour food. For further advice, you should consult a medical practitioner.

Can I buy in wholesale quantities?

Yes. We sell to many restaurants, caterers, bakeries, etc.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us! You can reach us by phone, email, or chat. Click here for contact information.

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