Who are we

Aunt Delcie Spices is an agro-processing business that focuses on producing a healthier alternative with the use of natural ingredients. Aunt Delcie Spices was formed in 2017 and duly registered with the Registrar of Companies of Jamaica.   It has an excellent reputation, excellent people, and an increasing position in the local market. 


  • To make Aunt Delcie Spices’ products available throughout the world.
  • To become one of the leading agro-processing businesses in the world producing natural spice products.


Our mission is to offer the highest quality products which contain 100% natural ingredients, and to keep on improving on what is available and providing new products and services to the areas of need.

Raw materials source 

These are obtain from local growers throughout Jamaica, with consistent and large production quantities available.

Who we serve

We also currently serve a wide range of food related businesses and industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Bakeries
  • Food Distributors
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesalers

We will deliver to you

Order any combination of six(6) packs or ½lb in quantity will be delivered between five(5) to fourteen(14) working days. Your order can be placed here or you can contact us at this whatsapp number.  Aunt Delcie will deliver your order free of charge in the major town listed below:

  • Mandeville
  • May Pen
  • Old Harbour
  • Spanish Town
  • Mountain View
  • Morant Bay

di real flavour
fi di pot!

Shop for non-preservatives spices in
a variety of flavours.

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